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Working with Annie was the easiest and most enjoyable real estate purchase we have ever experienced. Annie was referred to us. We were interested in a house and wanted to make an offer immediately. To our surprise in her soft-spoken voice, Annie mentioned all the reasons why this was not a safe investment for us and reassured us that we would find a better deal. At first, we were disappointed, but just hours later, we realized that she was quite right in her judgment and had saved us from a big mistake. A few days later, we had found a house that was not only much better, but that was also a jewel. Annie's expertise gave us time and peace of mind that we would find something better. This was our ninth real estate purchase and the first time our Realtor did not push us to buy but actually said, “Don’t buy!” … This experience was so pleasant that we were truly sad we didn’t have a reason to see Annie anymore. So now we have to think up other reasons to get together. Thanks Annie! ~ Rick and Susie

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