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We would like to express our extreme pleasure and gratification at having worked with Annie Walrand of the Grubb Company. In helping us find our new home in Berkeley, she was knowledgeable and results-oriented. Beyond that, she brought a warm-hearted joy to the process. Annie was particularly useful in introducing us to the various neighborhoods and architectural styles in Berkeley. She was able to take us from the all too vague goal of “moving to Berkeley” to a defined list of needs and wants. She attended brokers’ tours with our specific goals in mind and was right on target when recommending properties that would match our taste and budget. Annie was forthright and realistic in describing potential trade-offs and downsides to a property as well. Berkeley is currently a very competitive market, making it a bit challenging for buyers. One event that particularly struck us in the whole process was when one property rapidly bid out of our price range. Annie very sympathetically promised that she would find the perfect property for us – and a few short weeks later, she succeeded with a place that matched and exceeded our hopes! Annie was again very knowledgeable and professional in negotiating the offer and guiding us through the detailed paperwork. She has also been able to provide us with a list of resources for some of the repairs and remodeling we are planning. All in all, Annie was able to not only bring her knowledge and resources to bear on our needs – she also made a potentially stressful process enjoyable. Annie is not only skilled, but shares her pleasure in playing matchmaker between houses and their buyers. It has been a delight to work with her. ~ Karin and Shel

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