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"I love helping my clients throughout the entire process!"

Understated and soft-spoken, Annie Walrand embodies a European graciousness that expresses both personal flair and discretion. She is a rare breed of Realtor who zooms in on her clients’ needs without fanfare. In the business since 1989, expertise honed over years guides each transaction.


Born and raised in French-speaking Belgium, Annie arrived in Berkeley when her husband began a PhD program in Electrical Engineering at UCB. She entered the field of real estate and became known as a trustworthy residential specialist. 


First and foremost, she is a wonderful listener. When clients speak, she hears their stated desires and their underlying aspirations. Her attuned radar and ability to communicate directly allow Annie to quickly assess an effective sale or purchase strategy. At the same time, she is authoritative, bringing decades of experience to buyers and sellers eager to enter the desirable East Bay market. 

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Putting You First

I work closely with each of my clients and provide them with guidance and local expertise.  My service is all about making you happy and I’d be thrilled to work with you to find the property you want and deserve.

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It’s not uncommon for first-time buyers to walk in armed with data from the Web. They research homes online, of course. But here’s the truth: No matter how much data you get from an app or an algorithm, nothing replaces knowing the context in which all this information fits. In other words, it’s only with experience that one knows how to assess a home’s assets and pitfalls, and how to structure a deal that allows all the puzzle pieces to fit together. 

In this way, Annie is a savvy mediator, not a shark. While firmly holding her client’s priorities as her own, she carefully strikes a balance between making demands and facilitating closure.


In addition to all the tasks one expects of a realtor, and there are many, one of the most important roles is helping clients handle financial decisions during what can be a roller coaster of emotion. Here Annie excels. She keeps expectations realistic and is persistent and patient at the same time. She brings a sense of timing with a sense of humor. 


Annie was raised in a large family; frequent happy occasions meant pushing back furniture to make room for the twirls of a Viennese waltz. A lover   of cats, dogs, travel, singing, and marching bands, Annie truly appreciates life. She is fiercely dedicated to her family and to her clients of all ages who seek her professional guidance. 

Call Annie at 510.599.6914 to ask all your real estate questions.
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